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1. How can I find my pictures?
Photos are organized by date & ski area So it's good to know this information before you begin.

Detailed instructions:
Select 'View and Order Online'

Pictures are organized by Ski Area

Select your type of photos ie ski school or portraits

Pictures are Organized by date. (The number after the date is part of file number that you were given at the time of your photo shoot)

*Note: There are multiple pages of pictures for any given company, the grey arrows on the bottom of the page will advance pages.
2. Can I make copies of my pictures?
Our photos are copyrighted. If you buy a print, then you may not copy it for any reason. If you were to buy a book at a store, you would not be able to copy the pages for a friend because it violates copyright laws. The same is applicable for your skiing pictures.

If you want to be able to make your own copies, you must purchase the Download or the CD Buying the cd allows you to email or print pictures from that cd as you wish. In other words, our cds and downloads are not copyrighted unlike the prints purchased.
3. Can I get a picture made smaller then 4x6?
We can make photos as small as you wish, but our smallest price is the smallest size or package offered. If you wish a smaller size, order the smallest, and make a note in the comments section than you prefer a smaller size. A better option may be to purchase the digital negatives. Purchasing the negatives also purchases the copyright of that picture allowing the customer to recreate the image as they see fit. The largest pictures we make are 40 x 60.
4. How long will the images be online?
Images will be removed 18 days after they were taken.
5. How long do you keep the files?
At least 5 years. All of our photos are filed by date the photo was taken. Please email us with any request to repost your photos from the past. You will need the date your photos were shot.
6. What resolution are your pictures shot at?
Our photos are shot with a minimum of 20 mega-pixel SLR cameras as high resolution JPEG files .The files we use to make our enlargements are the same files that we send as digital negatives to our customers. We shoot with a small amount of JEPG compression which results in file sizes around a minimum of 2mb.
7. How do I add multiple photos to my order?
In order to select multiple photos, on each photo you wish to order use the add to cart button. Not the back or continue shopping buttons. Then with each new photo that you select, the pull down tab will have all the photos that you have chosen.

If you are unhappy with any of our images we will make every effort to correct any problem that you have with the photograph. Due to the personalized nature of our photographs and the technology available today, refunds are rarely given, If needed refunds are give in 7 days.

We do not share your ordering information with anyone.